How do I manually add or remove shares from my Online Share Trading portfolio?

Last Updated: 13 Feb 2017

You can manually add shares to or remove shares from your portfolio through adding a manual entry. Some of the reasons you would need to manually adjust your portfolio is where you have obtained shares outside of your share trading account, for example through an initial public offer (IPO), via a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP),  a share purchase plan (SPP), or through an off-market transfer.

You may also wish to update your portfolio holdings where there has been a corporate action such as a share consolidation, a share split or a stock (ticker) code change.

  • From the Transaction View or the Consolidated View screens, you simply click the Add button. To add shares to your Portfolio you will do a ‘Buy’ entry and to remove shares from your Portfolio you will need to do a ‘Sell’ entry
  • A pop-up box will then appear with various options for entering trade details, including contract and order number, trade date, type, quantity, stock, price, brokerage, other fees, FX rate, settlement date and notes. You only need to complete the fields with an asterisk
  • If you want to add multiple trades, the Confirm window will give you the option to Add another, or select OK to add a single entry
  • Trades will be clearly labelled as either Automated or Manual in the Transaction View or the View Entry screens of your portfolio
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