What do I need to know about cancelling orders in Online Share Trading?

Last Updated: 07 Jul 2016
  • An At Market (market price) order cannot be cancelled as these trade instantly
  • The implementation of a cancellation submitted, is pending confirmation that the previous order instruction has not yet traded with the relevant Exchange
  • If ASB Securities receives a cancellation on an order that has already traded, but has not been confirmed – either by an order status update or email confirmation – we will attempt to contact you to inform you of the unmatched trade. In this case, the original order instruction will remain
  • Due to market conditions, system response times, system performance and/or other factors, there may be a delay in confirming your order, with an order status update or email confirmation

Your cancellation may not be accepted if we require further clarification of your order/amendment. In this case, ASB Securities will attempt to contact you. However, you are ultimately responsible for checking your order before it is submitted.

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