Managing your money made easy

Staying on top of your finances is easier than you might think, thanks to new technology and ASB’s clever innovations. These days you’ve got more ways to get more things done faster.


Save time with your everyday banking

No one has time to stand in line at the bank these days. There are plenty of ways we can help you get most of your everyday banking done wherever and whenever it suits you.

Get it done with internet banking

If you want to pay a few bills after the kids go to bed, or sort out some Australian dollars for your holiday, you can. Simply sign up for FastNet Classic internet banking - it's the safe, convenient way to manage your money day or night.

Did you know?

Electronic transactions between ASB accounts happen in real time. So there’s no waiting days for money to clear. It happens instantly.

Bank 24/7 with the latest technology

From Smart ATMs, FastChange machines which change notes into smaller notes and coins, and free Wifi in branch, you can get your banking done faster, when it suits you, using our newest self-service technology. Just ask our friendly Branch Hosts to give you a guided tour so you can feel confident using the latest technology. Find out more about self-service options.

Make the most of ‘downtime’

Waiting for a coffee? Why not pay back your friend for yesterday’s lunch at the same time. Sitting on the bus? What better time to apply for a new Visa Debit card. Standing at the checkout? Have a peek at your balances and transfer money if needed.

With the ASB Mobile Banking app on your smartphone, it’s like having the bank in your pocket. You can get an amazing amount done in just five minutes, so you have more time for the things you want to be doing.

You can also check your account balance and transfer money in a flash on your Apple Watch or Android Wear, which makes managing your money even more versatile and convenient.


Stay on top of your bills

Set it and forget it

If you have people to pay regularly - and it's for the same amount everytime - set up an automatic payment in FastNet Classic or or the ASB Mobile app. It only takes a few minutes and as long as you have money in your account, your bills will be paid on time.

Set up alerts for your accounts

It's frustrating being caught out by fees for an unarranged overdraft, or if you miss an automatic payment because you didn't know that your account was running low.

Setting up alerts in FastNet Classic internet banking or the ASB Mobile Banking app can help. We'll send you alerts via notifications through the app and/or email.

Get notified when:

  1. Your account is overdrawn.
  2. Your credit card payment is due.
  3. An automatic payment will fail because there aren't enough funds in your account to cover it.
  4. Your account balance falls below a minimum amount you set.
  5. Your account balance goes over a maximum you set.


More ways to pay while out and about

Cash and cards are great, but with ASB you have more ways to pay. 

Pay your way with ASB

We've got all the bases covered with our ways to pay. Apple Pay can be used anywhere you can tap to pay. Use it to pay in stores or online with the Apple devices you carry every day*.

If you like being able to pay on the go or whilst exercising then you may like to consider Google PayTM, Fitbit PayGarmin Pay or you can use your Apple watch with Apple Pay. These smartwatches enable you to pay with a flick of your wrist using your ASB Visa cards at contactless terminals. 

Pay someone back on the spot

Next time you want to pay back your friend for lunch, use the ASB Mobile app. You don’t even need their bank account details. Simply go to Pay by Mobile or Email and look them up to make a payment (the app cleverly links with your phone’s address book).

Once you confirm your payment, we’ll let them know by TXT or email that a payment is waiting for them. 

Get directions to an ATM

Sometimes you just need cash, or you may just want to deposit some. Check the Branch & ATM Finder in the ASB Mobile app to find out where your nearest ATM is. In most of our branches you can withdraw or deposit cash when it suits you, day or night.


Bank anywhere with more confidence

Managing your money shouldn’t just be easy, it should also be safe. We go that extra step to ensure it is just that.

Lock your card if you misplace it

Sometimes cards go missing only to show up a day later behind the couch. Or maybe you think you left it in the restaurant, but you’re not sure.

Rather than cancel your card, you can put a temporary lock on it using Card Control in the ASB Mobile app. If you find your card again, you can return to Card Control, unlock it, and you’re good to go.

Play it safe and set limits

You know your spending habits, so use that knowledge to add an extra level of security. If you don’t make any ATM cash withdrawals or overseas or online purchases, then you can put a block on them using Card Control. You can also set a limit per transaction for extra comfort.

You can turn these restrictions or limits on and off at any time. So should you suddenly score a trip to Australia, you’ll be able to use your card over there with the flick of a switch.

Ask us to double-check it's you

Another way you can add additional security to the way you manage your money is by setting up Netcode in FastNet Classic banking.

Netcode provides a way to double-check that it's really you making an online transaction. When you make a transaction that requires Netcode, we TXT you a random code. It’s a bit like a temporary PIN and you enter this code to confirm the transaction is genuine.

You can also choose Netcode to trigger for purchases over a certain limit or each time you make an international money transfer. And, for even more security when you log into FastNet Classic, you can set a Netcode to be sent to you each time you log in.


Learn more about managing your money

Managing your money gets easier the more you learn, so we've created a range of clever tips to help make life a little simpler. Whether you want ideas on budgeting, saving, teaching your kids about money, or even how to pay off your mortgage faster, you'll find it all on our blog in the ASB Money Tips section.

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The above information is a guide only and should not be relied on as it does not take into account your personal financial situation. ASB's terms apply. 

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. For more information please visit the Google Pay support page. Please refer to Google Pay with ASB Pay Terms and Conditions.

* Please see ASB Apple Pay terms.

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