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Savings Plus

Get rewarded for not dipping into your savings.

  • A savings account with a base rate of interest and an opportunity to earn reward interest.
  • Your reward interest depends on the number of withdrawals or transfers you make in a calendar quarter.
  • Make no withdrawals and get full reward interest.
  • Make one withdrawal and get partial reward interest.
  • Earn base interest regardless of activity on your account.

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If you are saving over a long period for a deposit on a home, a dream holiday or a rainy day, Savings Plus provides a good solution.

  • No base fees.
  • No minimum balance.
  • No transaction fees for electronic self-service transfers into another of your own ASB accounts (but this will impact your reward interest).
  • Reward interest is calculated on the daily closing balance of your account on balances up to and including $1,000,000, and is applied quarterly.
  • If you are registered for FastNet Classic online banking when you open your account, you will only receive electronic statements. Paper statements are available on request.
  • EFTPOS is not available on this account.

Tips: If you need to dip into your savings, you can also make some everyday transactions like bill payments and ATM withdrawals from your Savings Plus account. But, you will pay a fee and it will impact your reward interest. To keep bank fees and charges down, consider using a transaction account for your everyday banking.

If you have more than $1 million to invest, talk to us about other savings and investment options.

Savings Plus is available for personal, business and rural customers. It is not available for financial institutions. Only one account per customer. Personal Banking Terms and Conditions and Business, Rural and Corporate Banking Terms and Conditions apply as appropriate. Service charges may apply. Refer to our Personal Guide to Fees and our Guide to Business Banking Fees for applicable fees. For more information, see the Savings Plus Investment Statement. ASB's Disclosure Statement is available at any ASB branch.