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Episode 57: Our new investment options and what's on the horizon for Australasian Equities

In the first part of this episode, Host Nigel Grant (Head of Wealth Product, ASB) is joined by John Smith (Head of Asset Management, ASB) and Trent Marris (Senior Manager of Wealth Product, ASB) to discuss our new investment options; Aggressive Funds. Then Tama Willis (Portfolio Manager at Devon Funds Management) joins Nigel and John to discuss Australasian equities.

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Episode 56: BlackRock - Ben Powell on 2023's investment themes

In this episode, BlackRock's Asia Pacific Chief Investment Strategist, Ben Powell, joins ASB's Head of Wealth Product, Nigel Grant, and Head of Asset Management, John Smith, to update us on the global markets by discussing inflation, interest rates, volatility and more.

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Episode 55: BlackRock - A look into investment stewardship

In this episode, Nigel Grant, ASB Head of Wealth Product, is joined by Iris Davila, BlackRock's Head of Investment Stewardship for Australia and New Zealand, to understand how BlackRock undertakes investment stewardship for the asset classes they manage on our behalf; global equities and emerging markets.

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Episode 54: ASB x BlackRock - Celebrating our partnership so far

In this episode, we celebrate two years in partnership with BlackRock - we look back on our relationship so far including what we've faced, changes we've made, what we've achieved, and how our funds have performed. Hosted by Nigel, with Jax Mitchell and BlackRock's David Griffith.

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To exclude or not exclude?

Excluding investments can limit harm and help align your investments with your values. However it's important to consider the pros and cons. In this blog, we review the history of exclusions, get into the pros and cons, and talk about where and how we apply exclusions at ASB.

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Episode 53: First Sentier - The impact of rapid interest rates rises on fixed income assets

This month our very own Head of Wealth Product, Nigel Grant, talks to John Barrasso, Portfolio Manager for one of our specialist fund managers, First Sentier Investors. They discuss the topical subject of rising interest rates with a keen focus on bonds; the different types, how they work, and why, for most people, having a diversified range of assets in your investment is so important.

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Episode 52: State Street - Navigating a bumpy landing

As we continue to face market volatility, inflationary pressures, and central bank tightening in 2023, Host Nigel Grant (Head of Wealth Product, ASB) is joined by Lori Heinel (Global Chief Investment Officer, State Street Global Advisors) and John Smith (Head of Asset Management, ASB) to discuss how prioritising long-term goals and patience will need to be a key focus for investors this year.

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Episode 51: BlackRock - Why 2023 will be different

Inflation, interest rates and central bank policy are on investors' minds in 2023. ASB's Senior Economist Chris Tennent-Brown is joined by BlackRock's Asia Pacific Chief Investment Strategist Ben Powell to discuss the BlackRock Investment Institute's 2023 Global Investment Outlook, titled "A new investment playbook", and what all this means for investors in NZ and overseas.

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Episode 50: ASB's Year in Review - 2022

Many investors will understandably want to see the back of 2022, given the poor performance of investment markets here and abroad. ASB’s Chris Tennent-Brown is joined by John Smith (ASB's Head of Asset Management) and Sam Rawlinson (ASB’s Regional Manager Wealth Advisory) to reflect on the year that’s been, and to discuss how things are shaping up for 2023 and what they think investors should focus on.

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Episode 49: How long until the markets strengthen?

We cover off issues like inflation, central banks hiking interest rates, share markets slumping and the conflict in Ukraine, and explain how this might affect your investment portfolio.

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What the…impact? How our Positive Impact Fund advances social and environmental goals

Take look at companies the Fund is now invested in and the UN Sustainable Development Goals they align to.

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How much do you need to retire?

Reaching your savings goal starts with one step and a little planning. With a clear goal and a simple plan, you're set - your goal feels much more achievable, and impacts like market volatility can become less of a concern.

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What our partnership with BlackRock means for you

We’ve appointed BlackRock to help us provide better investment outcomes to our customers. BlackRock, the world's largest investment management firm, will enhance our investment offering and will see our customers benefit from their global expertise, insights and market responsiveness.

For more on how they are adding value to your investments, click the links below:

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