I'm in Online Share Trading, but my sell order was not accepted. Why was this?

Last Updated: 23 Sep 2021

Some of the reasons your order is not accepted might be:

  • Your specified price is too far away from the current market price.

  • The security has been suspended/halted or delisted.

  •  Your Common Shareholder Number (CSN) or standard holder number is invalid.

  • Your FIN is invalid.

  • The stock is registered as being owned by another person(s).

  • You have insufficient units available for settlement in either your holding with the relevant share registry for New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) listed securities.

Or, specifically for Australian securities on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX):

  • You have insufficient units available in your CHESS holdings sponsored by ASB Securities/Finclear Execution Ltd for ASX securities.

  • The stock is sponsored in CHESS by a broker other than ASB Securities/Finclear Execution Ltd.

  • The stock is issuer sponsored. If this is the case, you must contact us to place the order by telephone we may ask you to supply a copy of the issuer sponsored holding statement.
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