What is Online EFTPOS?

Last Updated: 04 Aug 2017

Online EFTPOS is a secure, convenient way to pay online from your ASB transaction or savings account controlled from within the ASB Mobile Banking app. You don’t even need a payment card; all you need is a mobile phone number.

It’s only available on websites who are registered and approved by Paymark and payments can only be authorised by you from within the ASB Mobile Banking app which is protected by your password, five digit PIN or fingerprint.

Online EFTPOS purchases are subject to a daily (calendar day) limit of $5,000 and transactions appear instantly on your ASB account statement.
There’s usually no charge for using Online EFTPOS, this depends on the website you purchase from and any transaction fees should be displayed when you’re entering your payment details.

Online EFTPOS only works when using the ASB Mobile Banking app.
If you need help with your ASB Mobile Banking app, call our contact centre on 0800 803 804.

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