How do I sell shares using Online Share Trading?

Last Updated: 15 May 2018

Share trading for the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) mainboard and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Once you are logged into your share trading account:

  • Select Place an order in the left hand menu, then follow the steps on the page:

  1. Select Sell from the dropdown, then select the stock exchange on which you would like to trade.

  2. Type the company name or stock code, select it from the dropdown and then select Next.

  3. Enter the number quantity of shares you want to sell.

  4. Choose your price – you can set a limit price or, during market hours, you can select market price.

  5. For shares on the NZX only, you need to enter your FIN also known as your authorisation code.

  6. Select the settlement account into which the proceeds should be deposited.

  7. Enter your contact phone in case we need to contact you about your order.

  • Select Preview order.

  • Review the details of your order and if you are happy to submit it, select Proceed. If you do not wish to proceed you can select Cancel or you can change your order by selecting Amend.

Provided all order details are valid, your order will be sent to the market.

For more information see our guide on how to buy and sell shares in Online Share Trading.

Check out this video for the simple steps to buy and sell shares through Online Share Trading:

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