How do I use my Online Share Trading Portfolio to monitor the performance of my shares?

Last Updated: 15 May 2018
  • Log In to Online Share Trading and select Portfolio in the left hand menu. If you have not set up a portfolio, your Automated Portfolio will appear.            
  • Any shares that you have purchased through Online Share Trading will show in your Automated Portfolio.       
  • To create a personalised portfolio, beside the heading Automated Portfolio, select the + symbol and then enter a name for your new portfolio. 
  • You can choose whether you would like your new portfolio to be your default by checking the box.
  • Once you select Done, your new portfolio will appear.    
  • If you would like your portfolio to automatically update with any trades you do through Online Share Trading, check the Auto tick box.
  • You can also choose to include brokerage and fees in your portfolio calculations by checking the Include Bro/Fees tick box.

Find out how to use your Portfolio in Online Share Trading in our guide.

Check out this video for the simple steps to creating a new portfolio and getting the most out of the portfolio service:

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