I'm in Online Share Trading, and I'm trying to amend/cancel my order but I can't. Why won't this work?

Last Updated: 15 Sep 2021

In Online Share Trading, when you’ve clicked ‘Amend/cancel order’ under My Menu, ensure you check the tick box to the left of the order you would like to cancel or amend.

The options to ‘Cancel order’ and ‘Amend order’ will be highlighted in blue for you to select (these are greyed out if you have not checked the tick box).

If you do not receive confirmation of your amendment/cancellation request please try the following:

  • Disabling any ad-block software as that can lead to buttons not displaying.
  • Clearing your cookies and cache and restarting your browser.
  • Update your browser to the latest version. 
  • Use an alternative browser. 

After trying the above, we recommend you log out of your session and restart your browser to ensure settings are updated. 

If you still have trouble, please call us on 0800 272 732 weekdays 7am-6pm.    

For more information see our guide on how to buy and sell shares in Online Share Trading.

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