How do I cancel my personal loan insurance?

Last Updated: 03 Jul 2018

To cancel your personal loan insurance:

  • Visit any ASB branch and request a Cancellation Advice form.
  • Call us on 0800 200 252.
  • Provide a signed and dated letter requesting cancellation.

If you're cancelling your policy within the 30 day free-look period, you must clearly note this on the cancellation form or letter.

Once the form or letter has been completed, scan then email it to insurances@asb.co.nz. This can also be done at any ASB branch.

Alternatively you can post it to:
Insurance Operations
PO Box 35
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Once the form or letter has been received, we will cancel the Personal Loan Insurance and arrange for the refund of any premiums if applicable.

Please note: If you're requesting a backdated premium/cancellation, you must provide a reason for this request.

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