Buying a car?

Here you will find some helpful hints for making the right choice.

Buying your first, or any car is exciting. Doing it wisely could save you money when you buy and may cut down on your ongoing maintenance costs. We’re not car experts, but here are a few simple tips to consider when you are buying a car to get you started. Please make sure you do your own research into any car you consider buying.


Choose the car you'd like to buy

Do your research

Understand what you can get for your money and shop around for deals. Knowing what you should pay may help you negotiate a better deal when it comes to buying your car.
Take a look at some Automobile Association New Zealand car reviews here.  

Get a pre-purchase inspection

Before you buy a used car, have a mechanic check it over thoroughly, or take it to the Automobile Association or VINZ, they both offer a vehicle inspection service.

Check there is no money owing on the car

Check the Personal Property and Securities Register (PPSR) to make sure the car doesn’t have any money owing on it (you may become responsible for the debt if it does).  Also, check it hasn’t been registered as a stolen car on the New Zealand Police website.


When you buy your car

It’s a good idea to:


Keep your car running costs down

A little TLC for your car may cut down on maintenance costs and may keep your car running smoothly.

  • Check your tyre pressures monthly, this may extend the life of the tyres and you may save money on fuel.
  • Check your engine oil when you fill up. The dipstick should read full or close to it.
  • Get the car serviced by a mechanic regularly; about every six months is ideal.
  • Keep an accurate service log, and keep all your maintenance receipts as proof of work done when it comes time to sell the car.
  • Keep your registration and WOF up to date.

Did you know?

You can check out the fuel economy of your vehicle at EECA energywise, if it was registered after the year 2000.


How should I pay for my car?

Once you have an idea of the car you might want to buy, here are some options you can consider for paying for it.

Save for your car

If you have the time, saving for your car will mean you have the money and you won’t be paying any interest, so it will cost you less. We can help you towards your savings target with the right ASB savings account.

We have some great tips to help you save; you can even name your ASB savings account “new car” to help keep you focussed on your savings goal.

Check out some great savings ideas at ASB money tips.

Top up your home loan

If you already have a home loan with ASB, one way to finance your car might be to apply for a top up to your home loan and use the money to buy the car. Your top up will be secured by your house and you’ll enjoy ASB’s competitive home loan interest rates.

Borrowing for your car

An ASB Car Loan is an easy and flexible way to finance your car purchase. You can choose the amount you’d like to apply to borrow, make extra payments and pay off early with no penalty. Our interest rates are competitive too. You might also consider combining your saving and a personal loan to pay for your car. Please note, loans are subject to our lending criteria and approval, as you’d expect.

Apply for an ASB Car Loan

You can apply for a car loan online at any time day or night. Our phone lines are open seven days a week, 8am - 8pm.


Other tips

Cash in hand means better bargaining

Going to a dealer or seller with “cash in hand” may put you in a better bargaining position and you may be able to negotiate a discount on the asking price.

Know your licence conditions - avoid fines

To avoid fines, remember to stay within the conditions of your licence. For example, if you have a restricted licence, don’t drive without a supervisor after 10pm, or at any time with unauthorised passengers.

Protecting your car

Car accidents are unexpected and can be expensive. Make sure you have car insurance in place to protect yourself and your vehicle, should the unexpected happen.  

ASB’s lending criteria, terms and fees apply.