Sending money overseas

We can help you send funds overseas simply and securely, to pay for anything from an online purchase of goods and services, to tickets and trips, or even sending money to family or friends.


Need to send money overseas?

Whether it’s online purchases that can’t be made with your credit or debit card, paying for goods and services, sending money to family or friends, or a one-off high value transaction; whatever the reason, if you need to send money overseas, we can help. 


How does it work?

Banks worldwide are set up to be able to securely exchange funds with each other using the same standard documentation and processes. Money can be sent overseas in a number of ways. The main two are:

  • International money transfer
  • Foreign cheque or bank draft

ASB offers both options in a variety of foreign currencies.


International money transfers

The easiest and most secure way to send money overseas is via an electronic transfer of funds called an international money transfer – sometimes known as a wire or telegraphic transfer.

If you bank with ASB, you can complete your international money transfers in FastNet Classic internet banking or FastNet Business internet banking; if you’re not already registered you can find out how to join. Alternatively, you can visit any ASB branch and arrange the transfer over the counter. Find out how to make an international money transfer.

We also offer this service to non-ASB customers at any ASB branch, but you'll have to pay cash.


Other ways to send money overseas

Another option for transferring money overseas is by using a foreign cheque - also known as an international bank draft.

We can print you a foreign cheque addressed to a recipient - just like we would with a bank cheque. You can mail this, or present it personally if you plan to travel with it.

Paying with a foreign cheque is slower than using an international money transfer. As well as the time it takes to reach the recipient and for them to present it to their bank, foreign cheques can then take several days (or even weeks) to clear (depending on the depositing banks policies). So for payments required in a short period of time, an international money transfer is often the better option.

You can purchase foreign cheques in a variety of currencies at any ASB branch. If you order through FastNet Classic internet banking you can pick up your cheque from the branch of your choice three days later. Plus, you'll save $5 on fees.


Things to look out for - sanctions

International sanctions can sometimes impact or prevent international money transfers being sent to certain countries. Find out more about these restrictions.

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