Foreign cheques

Also known as foreign currency drafts and bank drafts, foreign cheques are a way to physically send and receive money globally.

Benefits at a glance

  • Secure way to send or receive money internationally
  • Available to anyone visiting any ASB branch throughout New Zealand
  • Order easily through the ASB Mobile app and Fastnet Classic internet banking for pick up from any ASB branch
  • Provides a physical record of payment for mailing or personal delivery
  • ASB offers competitive exchange rates and fees for issuing and depositing foreign cheques

Is it right for me?

If you need to mail money or you want to present it in person when you're overseas, a foreign cheque is an alternative option to an international money transfer.

Please note: it can take several days - or even weeks - for a foreign cheque to clear after it's presented, depending on the depositing bank's policies.

How it works

Sending foreign cheques

Foreign cheques are available at competitive rates in most of the currencies ASB offers. Use the ASB Mobile app or FastNet Classic internet banking to order your foreign cheque, ready for pick up three days later, and you'll save $10. Or you can go to any ASB branch to purchase a foreign cheque immediately.

Depositing foreign cheques

Foreign cheques usually need to be deposited into your ASB account, with funds not available until a hold period has passed (about 21 business days). If it's important to access the money more quickly, consider requesting payment with an international money transfer instead.


Popular foreign exchange rates

ASB Buys Notes
ASB Buys Cheques
ASB Sells

Australian Dollar


British Pound




Japanese Yen


U.S. Dollar

Exchange rates shown current as at .

See all ASB foreign exchange rates


Sending payment

FastNet Classic
Foreign cheques

Other banks' charges may apply

Foreign cheques - stop payment fee

Other banks' charges may apply

Receiving payment

Foreign cheques - clean negotiated
Foreign cheques - sent on collection

Other banks' charges may apply

(plus courier fee)

Foreign cheques - clean negotiated dishonour fee

Other banks' charges may apply


Get started today

01. Calculate

Use our calculator to find out what your money is worth in another currency.

02a. Deposit

Deposit foreign cheques at any ASB branch.

02b. Order

Use the ASB Mobile app or FastNet Classic internet banking to order your foreign cheque or cheques.

03. Pick up

Visit any ASB branch to pick up your foreign cheque or cheques three working days later.

Order a foreign cheque now

Order a foreign cheque online

Order now through the ASB Mobile app or FastNet Classic internet banking and pick up your foreign cheque in three working days from any ASB branch.

Order online

Visit a branch

You can order or deposit foreign cheques at any ASB branch.

Find a branch

Call us

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