Your two-to-sign account

If you have a two-to-sign account, you can make one-off payments through FastNet Classic internet banking with co-sign online – no need to visit a branch to make or approve payments.

Benefits at a glance

  • Manage your money with other people transparently

  • Extra accountability for payments to keep your money safe and secure

  • Great for saving towards a shared goal, like fundraising, a holiday or house

Find out more in our guide to two-to-sign accounts.
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What is co-sign online?

Co-sign online allows you to make one-off payments on your two-to-sign account through FastNet Classic internet banking - no need to visit a branch with your second authorised signatory. Simply create the payment and get your signatory to approve it - all in FastNet Classic.

This service is perfect if you've previously relied on cheques to make one-off payments from your two-to-sign accounts. 

How can I set up my two-to-sign account to use co-sign online?

If you've got a two-to-sign account and want to use co-sign online, you'll need to be registered for FastNet Classic internet banking, and confirm who should have access to it.

If your account has two or more owners with no other signatories, and you are all registered for FastNet Classic internet banking already, then you're all set to go.

How to make a payment

  • Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking and select One-off payment from the menu

  • Select your two-to-sign account and set up your payment

  • Review your payment details and select Pay
    Your payment will be sent for approval to the other signatory or signatories on your account

  • For more detailed steps, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to use co-sign online.

How to approve a payment

  • Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking and select Payment approvals from the menu

  • Review the details of the payment that is awaiting your approval and decide which action to take

  • Select approve or decline and submit your response. The payment will be actioned and the status of that payment updated

  • For more detailed steps, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to use co-sign online.

Common questions

Can I make transfers, bill or automatic payments from my two-to-sign account?

Currently, customers can only make one-off payments. Other payment types such as bill payments, automatic payments and transfers between your accounts will be available in FastNet Classic for two-to-sign accounts at a later date.

Can I set up or approve payments from my two-to-sign account on the ASB mobile app?

Currently, functionality for two-to-sign accounts is only available in FastNet Classic internet banking. We plan to introduce it to the ASB Mobile banking app in the future.

Can I change the expiry date on payments I have created?

Expiry dates cannot be changed on payments that have been created. 

How can I open a two-to-sign account?

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I am/We are currently registered and use FastNet Business internet banking. Does the new co-signing service change any of my/our FastNet Business settings?

This change is totally independent of FastNet Business. It won’t have any impact on your existing processes or permissions.

Will we be able to use the new service to authorise payments set up in FastNet Business?

Co-sign approval only works with one-off payments that are set up in FastNet Classic internet banking.

Can I now use FastNet Classic internet banking for setting up payments with multiple payees?

Our new service is a new simple-to-use option for one-off payments with a single payee. FastNet Business is still the best option for batch payments. It’s also the only option for uploading payment files from Xero and MYOB.

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