What's your best online business banking option?

You can choose between two ASB online banking platforms for your organisation: the simplicity of ASB FastNet Classic, or the power of ASB FastNet Business.

Why bank online?

Most New Zealand businesses now use online banking to track their finances and manage their payments. Whether you’re receiving money or sending money, paper-based processes like printed statements and invoices slows down your cash flow.

Moving to electronic documents makes your business more efficient, saving you time and effort.


Your two online banking choices with ASB

FastNet Classic

  • ASB’s feature-rich online banking platform
  • Designed primarily for individuals – you can co-sign one-off payments
  • Handles day-to-day banking for small businesses
  • Supported by the ASB Mobile app

FastNet Business

  • Online banking for organisations
  • Designed for multiple users – you can share your banking access, with controls
  • Can suit any sized business
  • Supported by the ASB Business Mobile app

What is FastNet Business?

You’re probably familiar with personal online banking systems like FastNet Classic. FastNet Business is the online banking tool for organisations. It lets you do more, with more people.

Built for teams

FastNet Business lets you give multiple users access to different banking tasks. You can give your staff or advisors their own log in and the appropriate level of access to your accounts.

You can decide what they can see, what they can do, and even if they can access your accounts after hours. For example:

  • Your bookkeeper might be able to check transactions on your business account, but not your personal account. They might be able to set up payments to suppliers, but only you can authorise them.
  • You may have an entire finance department, with specialists doing all sorts of roles, each with the right level of access to do their job, but without having the keys to your account.

You can have an unlimited number of users. There are no per-user charges.

Built for doing more

You can create a schedule of payments and authorise them in one go. You can import your payment schedule like an online spreadsheet, adding to it as required, until it’s time to authorise and send it.

You can tailor daily account and user limits for your outward payments to suit your needs.

You can save an unlimited number of payees, and sort them into different groups and even different restricted categories.

You can manage company credit cards, with visibility of all ASB credit cards, their balances and transactions. You can even use Card Manager, exclusive to FastNet Business users, to change individual card limits or cancel a particular card in real time.

You can also get early warning on your accounts, with email or mobile text alerts.

  • If your balance goes over or below a specific amount
  • If you make a payment
  • When you receive payments
  • If a scheduled payment fails due to lack of funds

Optional extras for FastNet Business

Direct Debit initiation

  • Create Direct Debit schedules to take payment from your customers' accounts electronically
  • Convenient for your customers
  • Efficient cash management for you
  • Simplified reconciliation for your team

International trade

Professional Trust

  • Lets you hold funds in trust for third parties
  • Create and close interest-bearing trust accounts as required
  • Easily manage individual funds

Global Markets

  • Manage currency positions and forward contracts
  • Execute currency trades

When to choose FastNet Classic

Not everyone needs FastNet Business. FastNet Classic is the most popular choice with small businesses, because it’s familiar, simple and free. You probably don’t need FastNet Business if:

  • You or your business partners are the only people who do the banking
  • You make less than 50 payments each month
  • You don’t need to delegate your banking
  • You don’t need to pay more than $100,000 in any one day

Sometimes FastNet Business is the only choice

Some businesses are just too big for FastNet Classic. If any of the following applies to you, then your organisation definitely needs the extra power of FastNet Business.

  • You operate two-to-sign accounts
  • You want to delegate your banking without losing control
  • You want stakeholders like directors or investors to be able to view but not operate your accounts
  • You want to upload payments from your online accounting software for authorisation and payment, saving you time and effort
  • You need special modules for international trade or managing funds in trust
  • You often pay more than $100,000 in total in one day
  • You have more than 100 creditors
  • You want to offer your customers Direct Debit payments

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