Why choose ASB Securities?

If you're looking to take control of your trading and want a convenient online service with competitive brokerage rates, then ASB Securities could be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you’re new to share trading or an experienced trader, this guide will walk you through what we have to offer and how we can help you with your trading needs.

Choose a leader in DIY online share trading

We’re a market leader in providing DIY online share trading services and have an experienced team available to help when you need it.

We make DIY trading easy

We put you in control of your investing with a convenient Online Share Trading service and more.

We demystify the financial markets with helpful guides and video tutorials, and provide a range of useful tools to help you monitor and track New Zealand and Australian shares, including watchlists, portfolios and charts. We also give you access to the latest market reports, analyst recommendations and company announcements to help you make your trading decisions.

An experienced team of talented people

We’re focused on providing excellent service to all our clients. We have a large and experienced team of brokers, backed by a skilled and energetic services support team.

If you have questions, the team are always happy to help and can be reached by email at asbsecinfo@asb.co.nz or on 0800 272 732. We have Mandarin and Cantonese speakers available.

A highly personalised Premium Broking service is also available by invitation only.

Access the markets you want and the services you need

At ASB Securities, we understand that not all investors are the same and what is right for one, is not necessarily right for another. That’s why we give you access to a range of products and services, so you can choose which ones best suit your individual style and investment goals.

Buy and sell NZ and AU shares online quickly and easily

Online Share Trading makes buying and selling shares on the NZX and ASX easier and more convenient. You don’t have to call a broker and you can place your trades in real time with live pricing data and other resources at your fingertips.

Trade shares on major international markets

Our team can help you trade on major international markets like New York and London. We do this through our network of brokers who act as our agents in overseas markets. We also have an international custodian who holds and administers your overseas holding on your behalf.

Choose the currency you trade in

When you register for Online Share Trading, we’ll set you up with an ASB Cash Management Account which is specifically designed for settling your trades in New Zealand dollars.

If you want to trade in the local currency of an international market, we can also set up an ASB Foreign Currency Account for share trading. You can move money between your ASB Foreign Currency Account and ASB Cash Management Account at any point, when the exchange rate suits you.

Diversify with a range of investment choices

We’re not just about investing in shares. We also provide access to exchange traded funds and New Zealand fixed interest securities such as bonds and term investments. If you’re interested in new issues and initial public offerings (IPOs) we can provide access to these as well.

Open up opportunities with margin lending

We offer margin lending, which you could use to increase the scope of your portfolio. Margin lending lets you borrow to invest, using your existing securities as collateral. There are risks, so make sure you understand these first.

Simplify investing with our nominee service

Our nominee service is designed to help make it easier for you to manage your investments. You receive all dividends, corporate actions and other selected information but we'll manage the paperwork for you.

Fast and cost effective online trading

ASB Securities Online Share Trading makes buying and selling New Zealand and Australian shares easy and convenient. It’s perfect for managing your own orders, anywhere, any time – quickly and cost effectively.

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Buy and sell in real-time

See live share quotes and market depth in real-time during trading hours, and make your trades on the spot. You can also place your order after hours, and we’ll do the rest. Your order will be placed on the market when it opens and you’ll be automatically notified when it trades.

Manage your money with ease

Online Share Trading is designed to work hand-in-hand with FastNet Classic internet banking. With a single login you can transfer funds in New Zealand dollars between your ASB Cash Management Account and your everyday ASB bank account in real-time.

Competitive brokerage

Quick and cost-effective online share trading, brokerage from just $15 per trade*.

Find the market intel you need at your fingertips

ASB Securities also provides you with access to a wide range of powerful online tools and market intel to help you make informed investment decisions.

Quotes and markets

Use our quick and easy quotes and markets tool to:

  • Check on a stock price (20 minutes delayed pricing)
  • Look at how a market index is tracking
  • See which stocks are the movers and shakers
  • Find which stocks are paying dividends
  • Read important market announcements

Log in to Online Share Trading to trade or to find out even more with live pricing information, market depth data and research recommendations available. You’ll also find more online tools to help you and manage your investments:

Monitor the shares you’re interested in

Watchlists are a great way to keep up to speed with movements in the market and to keep track of shares you’re interested in from one place.

Use portfolios to track your shares

Get an up-to-date picture of how your portfolio and your individual holdings are performing. Any New Zealand or Australian shares you buy and sell through ASB Securities will be automatically added to your automated portfolio, and you can create your own personalised portfolios too.

Research companies with reports and recommendations

Access in-depth company information about a listed company including live pricing, company announcements, and analysis and recommendations by Morningstar. You can also subscribe to have our daily “Morning Brief” emailed to you. It provides an overview of the latest market and business news, so you can start the trading day in-the-know.

Harness the power of interactive charts

Review a company’s past performance and look for market signals with a host of interactive charts that you can be tailored to your requirements.

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