Buying and selling shares is easy with ASB Securities. Trade New Zealand and Australian shares online or access international markets through our broker team.

Benefits at a glance

  • Buy and sell NZ and Australian shares online quickly and easily
  • Competitive fees - brokerage from just $15 per trade*
  • Settle in the currency of your choice with an ASB Foreign Currency Account for share trading
  • Access international markets via our New Zealand-based broker team
  • Diversify your investment portfolio with your choice of shares from around the world
  • Access company information, reports, analysis and guides to help make informed decisions

Is it right for me?

Share trading can play a part in any investment strategy. Some investors consider it better suited to long-term investing, because while share prices do go up and down regularly, the historical trend has been upward over time. Other investors choose to monitor the market and trade often, when they see an opportunity.

While shares may produce a profit, they could also return a loss. Take a look at our guide to investing to help you decide if shares are the right investment option for you.

How New Zealand and Australian shares work

Buy and sell direct with Online Share Trading

With Online Share Trading, you can manage your orders anytime, day or night, and buy or sell most New Zealand and Australian Shares in a few clicks. It’s fast, easy and convenient and you’ll find a wide range of tools and resources to help you make informed decisions.

Invest in well-known companies

Through your ASB Securities share trading account, you can invest in more than 170 companies listed on the New Zealand stock exchange (NZX) and over 2000 equities listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX).

Know the numbers you need to trade

When you buy New Zealand or Australian Shares you’ll be issued a unique number to identify your shareholdings. It’s a good idea to keep these numbers handy because you’ll need them to sell your shares or buy more.

New Zealand shares: Your New Zealand Shares are held on an electronic registry under your Common Shareholder Number (CSN) although some older holdings may be on a holder number. Your CSN will be issued to you when you first buy shares along with your Fast Identification Number (FIN). This is like a 4 number PIN on your share holdings which you’ll need to use when selling. When you join ASB Securities, we will give you a CSN if you don’t have one already but if you’re selling shares and need a FIN, the share registry will issue one to you.

Australian Shares: If you buy Australian shares through us, your shares will be held by Finclear Execution Ltd in your name and registered to your Holder Identification Number (HIN). This is known as a CHESS-sponsored holding. If you have share trading accounts with different Australian brokers, you’ll have a HIN for each broker. When you join ASB Securities, we also register you with Finclear Execution Ltd so you can trade on Australian markets, and we will let you know what your HIN is. In some cases, shares can be held in an issuer sponsored holding. This is when your holdings are held with a share registry appointed by the issuing company. For these, you’ll be given a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) to trade.

How international shares work

Buy and sell shares on the world’s major markets

We can help you place orders in major international markets like the New York, NASDAQ and London stock exchanges.

We do this through our global network of brokers, who operate as our agents overseas, and by holding and administering your share holdings with an international sub-custodian.

Call our broker team

To place a trade, contact our New Zealand-based broker team during business hours. Our team includes Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.

Shares are held in custody

In order to trade on international markets, your shares are held in custody. You have what’s called beneficial ownership and can freely trade the shares you have rights to, but they’re held in a pooled omnibus account with our international sub-custodian in the name of ASB Securities.

How settlements and accounts work

Settlement takes 2 or 3 days, depending on the market

Settlement date is when a seller is paid for shares and a buyer will have the shares registered in their name. Trades in New Zealand and Australian shares, as well as many international shares, take two days to settle after you trade.

This is known as T+2. Some international shares may take three days to settle and this is known as T+3.

Once you have sold shares and before settlement is complete, the money can be used immediately to buy more shares with us. However you won't be able to withdraw the money until after the settlement is complete.

Transfer money in real-time

With FastNet Classic internet banking, you can transfer money between your Cash Management Account and your everyday ASB account, and as long as both accounts are in New Zealand dollars it will happen in real-time.

Trade in the currency you choose

If you want to buy and sell shares in local currency in an overseas market, you can open an ASB Foreign Currency Account for share trading. This can help you to save on foreign exchange fees as you don’t need to change currency when buying international shares.

Some of the key risks

Like all investments, investing in shares carries some risks. Understanding what these are can help you better manage them so you can make informed decisions:

Capital loss risk

If you sell shares for a price lower than you bought them, you will make a capital loss. The ultimate capital loss risk is if a company fails and you lose the full value of your shares.

Liquidity risk

Most stocks have buyers and sellers. However, not every stock will have a buyer or seller at the price and time you want. This may mean you need to hold on to shares longer than you want to, or can’t buy shares when you are ready to buy.

Market and economic risks

Like other investments, shares prices can be influenced by what’s happening in the market or general economy (e.g. property downturn, new government budget, etc). Some share prices may be more sensitive to different factors.

Foreign exchange risks

If you invest in overseas markets, you’ll trade in the local currency (e.g. if you buy Australian shares, you’ll trade in AUD). You’ll need to convert from NZD when you buy, and then back again when you sell, potentially impacting your returns. You could help manage this risk by having funds available in the local currency in a ASB Foreign Currency Account for share trading and setting this as the settlement account for a particular market. You can then choose to convert funds when the exchange rate suits you.

Rates and fees

Brokerage rate amount by transaction value
New Zealand trades (excluding fixed interest trades)
$15 (up to and including NZ$1,000)
$30 (over NZ$1,000 and up to and including NZ$10,000)
0.30% (over NZ$10,000)
Australian trades
$15 (up to and including AU$1,000)
$30 (over AU$1,000 and up to and including AU$10,000)
0.30% (over AU$10,000)

Note: For customers who receive printed contract notes, the additional $2 charge per trade applies.

Phone trading

International trades can only be completed by phone and there are different brokerage rates depending on the market you're trading in.

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