Do I need to be an ASB Securities customer to buy shares in a share offer?

Last Updated: 16 Mar 2017

For any broker offer we require you to be a customer, but for a public offer we can assist you but we recommend you do become one. It’s free to join ASB Securities and it may make things easier for you as we can keep you informed about the latest share offers and market news.

Who is eligible to buy shares in an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

Typically various entities may be able to buy shares, such as individuals, companies, limited liability partnerships and managed funds (for example KiwiSaver funds). If there are specific eligibility criteria, these are made available when the share offer goes live. In some instances New Zealand offers can only be available to New Zealand residents.

What is the issue price of a share, what does that mean?

The issue price is the cost per share or unit when issued. This is set before the shares are listed on the share market

For more information visit our guide on new issues and IPOs.

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