I'm share trading online and I'm trying to sell my NZ shares but I don't have a FIN number, what should I do?

Last Updated: 13 Jul 2017

NZ share registries issue your FIN (Faster Identification Number) which is like a Password for your shareholdings. The two main registries in NZ are Computershare (0064 9 488 8700) and Link Market Services (0064 9 375 5999).

Please call and they will advise how they can provide a copy by post.  If you need a FIN for urgent trading we can arrange an indemnity. This involves a service charge of $25.00 (including GST) for Computershare or $34.50 (including GST) for Link Market Services. To arrange an indemnity call ASB Securities on 0800 272 732.

For more information see our guide on how to buy and sell shares in Online Share Trading.

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