I'm sharetrading online and I'm trying to sell my NZ shares but I don't have a FIN number, what should I do?

Last Updated: 16 Apr 2014

NZ share registries issue your FIN (Faster Identification Number) which is like a Password for your shareholdings. The two main registries in NZ are Computershare (0064 9 488 8700) and Link Market Services (0064 9 375 5999).

Please call and they will advise how they can provide a copy by post.  If you need a FIN for urgent trading we can arrange an indemnity. This involves a service charge of $20.00 (including GST) for Computershare or $34.50 (including GST) for Link Market Services. To arrange an indemnity call ASB Securities on 0800 272 732

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