Protecting what matters most

Here’s a quick guide that explains why life, loan and income protection insurance helps protect the thing that matters most – you.


You are your biggest asset

When it comes to insurance – in particular, personal insurance – the classic ‘she’ll be right’ attitude sometimes leaves us Kiwis lacking. We seem to be great at looking out for our homes, our contents and our cars. But when it comes to insuring ourselves, a lot of us aren’t covered.

Many people think that owning a house will be their greatest asset, but in fact, it’s often your ability to earn. The amount you could potentially earn over your lifetime will normally far outweigh the cost of any property that you own.

Material things like your car, your house and your personal items are important – but they can all be replaced – you can not. And whilst having insurance could never make up for your loss, it could provide much-needed financial security for you and your family, should disaster strike.


Debunking some myths

‘You only need life, loan and income protection insurance if you’ve got a house or kids’

Many people think that this kind of insurance only matters when you buy a house or start a family. However, the ability to support yourself financially is important at any life stage, particularly if a serious illness or disability suddenly prevented you from working. Whilst having health insurance could mean you don’t have to worry about paying your hospital and treatment bills, it still won’t cover any of your living expenses.

‘You’re already covered by ACC’

ACC provides treatment and rehabilitation services for anyone who suffers an injury as the result of an accident. Eligible cases can apply for 80% income compensation. However, it doesn’t cover you for anything that ACC doesn’t consider to be an accident, in particular; illness.

If you’re not covered by ACC for loss of earnings while you are recovering or are unable to work, you could struggle to pay your day-to-day bills – unless you’re insured.

‘Health insurance is all you ever need’

Having health insurance is really valuable; it provides peace of mind and protection for costs associated with diagnosis, treatment and surgery. But it won’t cover the everyday costs like rent, petrol and groceries while you recover. With insurances like income protection, if you are covered you don’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for your everyday expenses – so you can just focus on getting better.


Make sure you’ve got the right cover

It’s important to make sure you have the right type and level of insurance that suits your needs. Some people only have life cover – but what happens if they get sick? How will they pay their bills while they are recovering, or if they’re unable to work again?

Unfortunately, many people don’t realise they’re underinsured until it’s too late.

Speak to an expert

To work out the type and level of insurance cover you need, it’s best to sit down with an expert – like one of our ASB Insurance Managers. But as a starting point, you should bear in mind any debts you have – things like mortgages, credit cards or personal debt. Then beyond that, work out how much you and your family need, in order to continue the lifestyle you have.


Review your insurance regularly

When things change – make sure your insurance does too. Life moves on, babies are born, houses are bought, children move away – the cover you had a year ago, might not be what you need now.

Your cover needs may increase or decrease over time. Plus, the type of cover you need may also change. So make sure you review what you need with an ASB Insurance Manager on a regular basis.

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Life, loan and income protection insurance Protecting what matters most