How to make a life, loan or income protection insurance claim

ASB life, loan and income protection insurances are all designed to provide a financial back up plan. If you need to make a claim, here’s what to expect.


Where to start

At what’s likely to be a difficult time, we want to make sure your claim goes as smoothly as possible when you, or your estate, make a claim.

The first thing you need to do is to review the policy document which contains the full terms and conditions of your policy. This will let you know what is covered and also explains any exclusions.

Any claim will need supporting documentation. The requirements differ depending on what you are claiming for. If you are unsure what documentation you need to supply, call us on 0800 500 195.

Not sure what cover you have?

Contact us on 0800 200 252.


Get in touch

When you're ready to make a claim contact AIA - the underwriter of your policy. They'll assign a case manager who will manage and assess your claim.

If the claim is accepted, we will let the policy owner or owners know and confirm the claim payment.

Make a claim

ASB Easy Life and Living, ASB Lifestyle Security Plan Total, ASB Flexilife or ASB MyLife

Get in touch to make a claim.

Make a claim 0800 500 195 (within NZ) +64 9 487 9000 (from overseas)

ASB Personal Loan Insurance, ASB Credit Card Repayment Insurance, ASB Lifestyle Security Plan Foundation or Borrowers Protection Plan

Get in touch to make a claim.

0800 501 223 (within NZ)

Life, loan and income protection insurance How to make a life, loan or income protection insurance claim