What’s the best ASB KiwiSaver Scheme fund for me?

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2017

The best fund for you is an individual decision; it should be based on your savings goals (like buying your first home or retirement) and when you plan to use your money (your investment timeframe).

Every investment has some level of risk, which means ups and downs in your balance are expected. Our lower risk funds have fewer fluctuations in balance and are suitable for someone that is looking to access their savings sooner.

Our higher risk funds are likely to experience more fluctuations in balance but aim to deliver higher potential returns over the long term. So if it's more than ten years before you'll need to access your KiwiSaver savings, you can afford to take more risk. As you get closer to accessing your KiwiSaver savings (for retirement or buying your first home), you should step down your risk with a less aggressive fund. 

Try our Help me choose tool to choose the right fund for you. 

This information does not have regard to the financial situation or needs of any reader. As individual circumstances differ, you should seek appropriate professional advice.

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