I'm using FastNet Business, how do I transfer money between my accounts?

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2015

You can transfer money from any bank account to which you have transact access rights, into any of your other ASB bank accounts or to your ASB credit card accounts.

Transfers to suffixes within the same account (intra-account requires only one person to authorise. Transfers from an account to a different account number (inter-account) that you can view on FastNet Business, may need authorisation by more than one person. You can save a transfer and email the authoriser(s) so that they can complete the authorisation process from any location they have access to FastNet Business or via the ASB Mobile Business app.

Before you begin, display the 'Create Transfer Page':

  • On the FastNet Business tab, click 'Transactional Banking'.
  • Below the tab bar, click 'Payments'.
  • On the left menue, click 'Transfer'.

To make a transfer now, or in the future:

  1. On the 'Create Transfer' page, use the drop lists to select the relevant From account and To account.
  2. In the Amount field, type the amount to be transferred - no dollar sign is needed. 
  3. The Date of transfer field automatically shows today's date. If you want to process the transfer on a future date, click the calendar icon and select any date up to 365 days in the future. The transfer will be processed automatically on the specified date (if it has been authorised and sent). 
  4. (Optional) In the Reference fields, type useful notes to appear on your statements. 
  5. To authorise the transfer now, see below. Alternatively, if you want to save the transfer for future editing or authorisation, click Save transfer.  
  6.  The Create Transfer page is re-displayed with a message confirming that the transfer has been created and saved. The transfer has been automatically moved to the Unsent Payments page.

To make a transfer now, or in the future:

  1. At the bottom of the Create Transfer page, click Authorise transfer. The transfer will display on the Authorise Payments page. 
  2. Type your User ID (if necessary) and Password then click Authorise payments. If the transfer is fully authorised and you have Send permission, a message informs you that the transfer is ready to send. Otherwise, the Unsent Payments page is displayed with the transfer listed on it. 
  3. Click Send payment if you want to send the transfer for processing now. Alternatively, if you want to send the transfer later, click Don't send payments yet.

If sent, the authorised transfer is automatically moved to the Sent Payments page and the Unsent Payments page is re-displayed.

  1. To view and confirm that the sent transfer is being processed, go to the Sent Payments page.

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