How do I transfer money to Clever Kash?

Last Updated: 25 Oct 2016

If you want to transfer money to display on Clever Kash, like when you want to pay your child pocket money, simply make a transfer to that account just like you normally would in your ASB Mobile Banking app, then: 

  • Open your ASB Mobile Banking app, and go to your child’s savings account summary page.
  • Click Update Clever Kash.
  • Anyone who is not the child’s parent can transfer money to the child’s bank account and then the parent who has authority over the child’s account can sit with the child and swipe the money to their Clever Kash using the ASB Mobile Banking app.

As the child’s saving account operates as it normally would, any interest and/or fees that apply will be shown in the total account balance. When you update Clever Kash, the number on his tummy will display this latest balance.

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