How do I create an alert in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 18 Mar 2024

To set up an alert, first you must ensure you have your preferred contact device registered.

To set up your contact device(s). 

 - Go into the Administration section of FastNet Business

 -  Select User from the second level menu (the page should default to user once you go into administration).

 -  Select the user you wish to load a device against by clicking on the blue hyperlink of their user ID


Upon clicking on the user ID, you will default to the Access tab for the selected user.

 - Add either an email and/or mobile number in the appropriate fields

 - Save & exit


At this stage you will need to authorise the above changes. 

- Click on Current User Request


- Select the user by clicking in the tick box to the left hand side of their name

- Click authorise


- Enter in your own user credentials and Netcode token number

- Click authorise

Upon authorising the changes made will take immediate effect.

To set up Alerts

Go into the Administration section of FastNet Business

Select Alerts from the second level menu 

Click Add


- Select which alert(s) you require (Note: You can only select one at a time due to the different criteria of each alert)

- Click next


- Complete the appropriate fields relating to your chosen alert

For example to create an alert for a payment failure you have the following choices. Tick what is appropriate for you and save. 

Each alert will have a separate set of choices to choose from.


Once saved, an alert is automatically created. No authorisation is required.

When an alert is saved it will appear under your Current Alerts page



If you need further assistance setting up your alerts, please phone the FastNet Business Helpdesk on 0800 225 527 Monday to Friday 8.00am-6.30pm.

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