Turn your Android phone into your ASB Visa card

14 June 2016 / Published in Tech & Innovation

If you’ve got an Android smartphone, we’ve got great news for you! We’ve released an exciting new feature that turns your Android phone into your ASB Visa card.

You text, talk, tweet and play with your phone and now this new feature, ASB Virtual, lets you pay with your phone.

ASB General Manager Payments Matt Bartlett is delighted to offer customers another seamless way to pay.

“ASB Virtual is, essentially, a digital wallet providing our customers the convenience of paying via their phone. Our mobile phones have almost become like an extension of our arm – we talk with it, text with it, tweet, play and ‘like’ with it, so now we’re thrilled our customers can conveniently pay with their phone, too,” Matt says.

Who can get it? You need to be an ASB customer, with an ASB Visa card, and have the latest version of the ASB Mobile app on your compatible Android phone (must have Kit Kat 4.4+ and have NFC available).

What cards does it work with? You can add ASB Virtual to any of your ASB Visa credit and debit cards that you have available in the cards menu of your ASB Mobile app.

How do I set it up? Log in to your ASB Mobile app > select ’Cards’ from the left hand menu > choose the ASB Visa card you want > tap “Add ASB Virtual” and wait for confirmation. Your ASB Virtual card will then show as a separate card in Card Control, below the physical card that it’s connected to. ASB Virtual is ready to use as soon as you’ve successfully added it to your ASB Mobile app. You can add ASB Virtual to as many of your ASB Visa cards as you want.

Can I have more than one ASB Virtual card? Yes you can. Just follow the instructions above for each card that you’d like to set up ASB Virtual for. The first ASB Virtual card you set up will become your ‘Always on’ card, and will automatically be used to make a payment. You can change your ‘Always on’ card whenever you want using Card Control. From within the ASB Mobile app, click ‘Cards’ in the left hand menu, tap the ASB Virtual card you want to make payments from, and then select ‘Always on’.

Where can I use it? You can use it anywhere payWave is accepted. Nationwide there are currently over 30,000 terminals that are payWave-enabled – that’s around a quarter of all EFTPOS terminals.

How does it work? ASB Virtual is a digital version of your ASB Visa card that uses NFC (Near Field Communication) and HCE technology.

How do I use it? Once you’ve added an ASB Virtual card to your ASB Mobile app, your phone screen just needs to be lit to make a payment. You can use it just like a normal Visa payWave card – hold the back of your phone over the terminal until your phone vibrates to let you know it’s connected to the terminal. Your ‘Always on’ card will be automatically used.

Do I need to use a PIN number?  Only for transactions over $80, simply light your phone and hold it over the payWave terminal and enter your PIN. Your ASB Virtual PIN will be the same as your physical ASB Visa card.

Does it work overseas? Yes it will work at most payWave-enabled terminals in most countries. But we would recommend having more than one payment option whenever you travel.

Is it secure? Yes it is. ASB Virtual gives you the same protection against fraudulent account activity as your ASB contactless debit and credit cards. Please remember though, it’s still up to you to take reasonable care of your card and phone.

Find out more about how ASB Virtual works.

If you don’t have an ASB Visa card, you can apply for one online.

Other mobile payment options

If you don’t have a compatible Android phone, you might like to check out ASB PayTag. It’s a payWave sticker that attaches to your mobile phone, turning your phone into your ASB Visa card. It works with ASB Visa credit and debit cards, and any model of phone. Find out more about ASB PayTag.

You may have heard of some other mobile payment options and be wondering what we’re doing about them. Some of the popular ones we’re watching with interest are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay – all of which aren’t in New Zealand yet.

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How to pay with your phone with ASB Virtual

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