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Tell us your best Big Little Idea and WIN with ASB GetWise and The Project!

ASB and The Project are on a mission to find the best young entrepreneurs from across New Zealand.

Share your best creative money-making ideas and you could be in to win some great prizes. Hurry as entries close 20 April 2021.

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Our legacy

We've been helping generations of Kiwi kids save. It all started when we began offering Penny Bank Accounts to children back in 1875. We then introduced school banking in 1927. Fast forward to 2010, we cemented our commitment to helping kids be better with money with the launch of the GetWise financial literacy programme. And in 2015, we showed our innovative streak with the world-first digital moneybox Clever Kash. In 2020, we added a new chapter with the launch of GetWise Digital, which includes new augmented reality (AR) technology in our school workshops, and a free online learning portal.

Teaching kids to be cash clever

Kids bank accounts

Give your kids a head start with our ASB Headstart kid's account - our special savings (and transaction) account for children. It earns interest on savings and has no fees, allowing your child’s money to grow.

Get a head start

GetWise financial literacy programme

Our GetWise facilitators visit schools nationwide to teach kids about money. Now with GetWise Digital, your kids have free access to our online learning portal and augmented reality (AR) experience anywhere, anytime.

Check out GetWise

Clever Kash

Clever Kash is our digital moneybox. It's fun, interactive, and your kids get to see their savings balance grow. It's cashless, so no more searching for notes or coins on pocket money day.

Meet Clever Kash

Learn about money online

  • Download the Star Shopper augmented reality app and accompanying comic book for a unique AR learning experience that literally lifts spending decisions off the page!
  • Log in to our spy-based interactive learning modules and put money skills to the ultimate test - build an avatar, compete for leader board standings, and make those smart spending choices to stop the money hacker before it's too late…

Some cool things to get started

Getting set up

We've got you covered, with our Headstart bank account with no base or transaction fees, GetWise financial education and Clever Kash. Check out our YouTube videos to teach kids to be cash clever, with ideas and activities to do at home.

Clever Kash chore chart

Chore charts could help your kids see how they're contributing to the household chores, and make them more independent.

Some good money habits

Teaching your kids about good money management from an early age can set them up with the right skills to budget, save and spend wisely as they get older. We've got a few ideas to help them get started and heading in the right direction.

Tools to teach kids to be cash clever

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