Show kids the magic of saving

Meet Clever Kash, the cashless moneybox that teaches kids how to save for the things they want.

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From Kashin to Clever Kash

From the days of dropping coins in a Kashin elephant moneybox, to swiping virtual coins into Clever Kash, ASB has been helping kids get one step ahead for over 100 years.

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Meet Clever Kash

How do you give your kids pocket money when you don't have cash in your pocket? Clever Kash has a clever answer.

Clever Kash is easy to use and free for Kiwi kids.

It's a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about money.

It's cashless, so no more searching for notes or coins on pocket money day.

Children get to see their savings balance grow.

The progress bar keeps kids motivated by saving for a goal.

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Clever Kash is helping kids save

ASB is committed to improving financial literacy throughout New Zealand, and it starts with the kids. That's why Clever Kash is free to New Zealand families who are eligible. It's also why we started ASB GetWise, our school financial literacy programme that has delivered more than 25,000 sessions to over 660,000 registered students. Check out our GetWise and Clever Kash resources and activities below.

How to use Clever Kash

Eligibility criteria applies. Subject to availability. A replacement fee may apply.

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