Meet Clever Kash

Introducing the magical new cashless moneybox from ASB. He's here to help kids save and reach their savings goals.

How to get Clever Kash Learn more

How to get Clever Kash

Clever Kash is free for Kiwi kids! But in order to get one, there are a couple of things to check.

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How do you give your kids pocket money when you don't have cash in your pocket? Clever Kash has a clever answer.
Just use the ASB Mobile app to swipe virtual notes and coins towards Clever Kash, and it will display your child's updated ASB account balance. Easy, and kids love it.

Clever Kash is helping kids save

And so is ASB! ASB is committed to improving financial literacy throughout New Zealand, and it starts with the kids. That’s why the first run of Clever Kash is completely free to New Zealand families who qualify. It's also why we started ASB GetWise, New Zealand's largest school financial literacy programme that has delivered more than 25,000 sessions to over 630,000 registered students. Check out our GetWise and Clever Kash resources and activities below.

How to use Clever Kash

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