Achieve your investment goals with an ASB Wealth Manager

Recently inherited money, sold a business or have significant savings you’d like to grow further? With such big decisions to make and a lot at stake, you might want to get professional investment advice from an ASB Wealth Manager. Here’s what to expect.


Working together from the start

Looking to grow your money so you can achieve a specific goal like retiring in comfort? If you’ve decided investing is the right choice for you and your money, getting personalised investment advice from a Wealth Manager is a great place to start.

How can a Wealth Manager help?

Our ASB Wealth Managers are qualified professionals who have expert knowledge of the investment planning process and ASB's investment products. They will:

  • Develop a sound understanding of your investment goals, timeframes and tolerance for risk.
  • Prepare a detailed investment plan for you, including specific recommendations for ASB Portfolio Series, a discretionary investment management service or ASB Investment Funds, a managed investment scheme.
  • Set up your investment once the investment plan is agreed.
  • Keep your investment plan on track through regular reviews.


Why talk to a Wealth Manager?

As well as the Wealth Managers' professional qualifications and expertise, you can also benefit from a wider team of investment specialists and strategic partners. Together, they’re able to provide you with access to the best long-term investment opportunities ASB can offer. The products they can advise on include:


Getting started

At your initial meeting, your Wealth Manager will seek to understand what’s important to you, your financial situation and your investment needs. Over the next few meetings, you’ll be guided through the investment planning process. Once you've agreed, then the recommended investment strategy will be executed.

What will your personalised investment plan include?

You'll get a detailed investment plan that will include:

  • A summary of your current situation.
  • Your current assets and income needs.
  • An outline of your risk and reward profile.
  • Your investment goals and ambitions.
  • An investment recommendation covering any assumptions that have been used when preparing the recommendations.
  • A clear statement of any fees.
  • A description of the ongoing services that will be provided.

Ready to get started?

If you’d like a confidential, face-to-face meeting with a Wealth Manager, call the Wealth Advisory Service on 0800 108 084.

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Investment advice Achieve your investment goals with an ASB Wealth Manager