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  • Let our wealth advisers listen and understand what’s important to you
  • Maximise long-term returns with expert advice and regular reviews
  • Competitive fees means more of your money stays invested
  • Get personalised investment planning to help achieve your future goals
  • Winners of the Diversified Sector and International Equity Sector 2016 FundSource Awards
  • You can rely on us – we’ve been helping Kiwis for 160 years

We're proud to be helping Kiwi’s achieve their ambitions as winners of the Diversified Sector and International Equity Sector, 2016 FundSource Awards. These awards recognise not only a solid performance over the past 12 months, but a history of industry best practice. They demonstrate how our core investments beliefs, including asset allocation and currency management, deliver strong results to help you achieve your ambitions.

How can we help you?

Funds to invest

If you’ve got significant funds and are deciding where to invest, find out how ASB’s Wealth Advisory Service can help you maximise your returns over the long term.

Investing for your future

If you’re really serious about reaching a future goal like having enough money for retirement, a tailored investment plan could help accelerate your efforts.

Exploring investment options

Not sure which investment opportunities could be right for you? We’ll guide you through ASB’s wide range of investment choices. 

Moving money to New Zealand

If you’re moving to New Zealand on a migrant investor visa, our migrant banking specialists will help you invest with confidence.

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Regular investment reviews with your ASB Wealth Manager help you stay on track.

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Fund Manager of the Year Awards are announced by FundSource, the investment strategy and research company. These awards should not be read as a recommendation by FundSource. For further advice on the relevance of this award to your personal situation consult your authorised financial adviser, or www.fundsource.co.nz.

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