Starting out

Tips and tools to help you plan, budget and save for your first home.

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Set your budget

The budget. Some may call it a fun-stopper, but as tricky as it can be, it's the best way to start making some serious savings. Who knows? Maybe you'll eventually convince yourself it's not weird to take your own popcorn to the movies, it's smart. 

1. See where you're at

By figuring out how much you’re earning versus spending you can see realistically how much you can save. You can use our Track My Spending tool to see where your money’s going.

2. Build your budget

A budget gives you a plan for how you’ll split your income out across your expenses and savings. Our handy How to budget blog or the Sorted budgeting tool can help you put one together.

3. Save a regular amount

To help you stick to your plan you can set up an automatic payment to transfer your savings to a separate account each payday. That way you don’t even have to think about it!

4. Budget check in

When your goal is set and it's been a few weeks since you started budgeting, look at how it's going. Is it realistic? Do you need to make any minor adjustments? Once you're happy with where it's at, stick to it and watch your savings grow. You can even set milestones to hit on the way to your goal, and celebrate as you hit them!

You may only need a 10% deposit

To get a home loan your deposit will generally have to be 20% of the property's value – but it all depends on your individual situation. You may be able to get into your home sooner with a deposit as little as 10%.

Get in touch with us when you’re beginning to save to talk through your options.

You may be eligible for a low deposit loan

Depending on your situation, ASB can lend to customers that have a deposit as little as 10% with a low equity loan.

If you're eligible for a low equity loan, there may be some extra requirements to think about, like the low equity margin, or having a family member as a guarantor.

Building instead of buying

If you can't find the right home, building one could be the way to go. If you borrow money to buy land and build a new home, then you also may not need a 20% deposit. Chat to us to figure out the best option for you.

Open the door to a KiwiBuild home

KiwiBuild is a government programme to build affordable housing for first home buyers. Check to see if you’re eligible for KiwiBuild.

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Next steps

1. Starting

Tips and tools to help you plan, budget and save for your first home.

2. Power Saving

Ways you could boost your savings to help you get that first home.

3. Finding

How to hunt for the right home and who to talk to while you're looking.

4. Buying

Handy information for the lead up to, and process of, buying your first home.

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