With ASB health insurance, what happens if I get treatment in the public health system instead?

Last Updated: 15 Jul 2019

If you hold a ASB Private Health or Private Health Plus policy and decide to use the public system and the treatment received would have otherwise been covered under your policy, we will credit your policy with the amount of the annual premium which relates to the person who used the public system (provided the treatment required at least two nights stay in hospital).

ASB Private Health and Private Health Plus also have a Public Hospital Cancer Treatment Cash Benefit. If you have treatment for cancer in a public hospital that would otherwise have been covered by the Cancer Care Benefit in your policy, a one-off cash benefit of up to $5,000 will be paid to the policy owner. Treatment includes cancer surgery requiring an overnight stay in a public hospital or a course of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

Please note: the above does not apply to ASB MajorCare policies or ASB Absolute Health policies.

The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved.  All applications are subject to individual consideration. Special conditions, exclusions or premium loadings may apply. An excess may apply for health insurance policies. For full details refer to the Policy Document which is available on request from any ASB branch. ASB life, health and disability insurance is underwritten by AIA New Zealand Limited (“AIA”).

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