How do I manage my personal information in FastNet Classic internet banking?

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2017

Updating your personal details such as a new phone number or address is simple to do within FastNet Classic internet banking and we've made a few improvements to make it even easier.

There's now a feature called Personal Profile in your profile drop down in the top right hand corner. Your Personal Profile keeps your key personal details in one easy place, making updates much simpler and faster. 

The new features we've added include:

Preferred name

Updating your preferred name means we will call you by the name you prefer when we contact you. We will also use your preferred name in some communications where appropriate.

Email and mobile verification

Your email and mobile phone details can now be updated and verified via your Personal Profile. Verification means that you've confirmed with us that we have the correct email and mobile number for you. To do this, click on the verify button by your email or mobile details. We'll then send you a code through either email or mobile to enter into your profile. If you have a verified email we can send you some documents to that email address, reducing the amount of paper we send out. 

Completeness meter

See what personal information you still need to add.

Updating your personal details in FastNet Classic is easy:

  1. Log in to FastNet Classic with your username and password.
  2. Once you have logged in, select your Profile on the top right hand corner. 
  3. From the drop down menu, select Personal Profile
  4. Update the details you want to change. To change your email and mobile number you will also need to verify them, it’s easy you just follow the instructions. 

Please note, you’ll need to call us to change the phone number linked to Netcode, this is for your security.

To do this, call us on 0800 FASTNET (0800 327 863), or if you are overseas call us on + 64 9 306 3000. We’ll ask you some security questions to establish that you are you, before we update your Netcode details.

If you need any further help, take a look at our FastNet Classic FAQs.

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