How does Josie the chatbot work?

Last Updated: 15 Jun 2022

Josie is ASB’s virtual banking assistant. She’s available in the ASB mobile app and website to answer your everyday banking questions.

She's still learning, so might not know the answer to every question. If she doesn’t, try asking again in a simple, short sentence, about single topics.

Here are some things Josie is confident in answering:

  • I've lost my card
  • I've forgotten my PIN
  • I need to reset my password

Josie doesn't provide financial advice, so if you need financial advice or would like to talk to someone in the ASB Team, please call 0800 803 804 or visit your ASB branch.

An important note about privacy

ASB asks you not to provide us with personal information that identifies you via Josie but if you do you should know that all information collected by Josie is collected for the purpose of providing you with the answer to your question, improving her conversation skills and managing ASB's relationship with you.

ASB will store your dialogue with Josie for 12 months, unless you transfer from Josie to a ASB representative, in which case we will keep your dialogue for 7 years. We also keep information about your interaction with Josie as the date, time and duration of your interaction for 7 years.  

Please do not give Josie any personal information that could identify you or is otherwise sensitive such as your name, date of birth. credit card number or pin number. If you do accidentally supply this information, you can find out more by reading our Banking Terms and Conditions which include privacy terms that apply to her.

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