How do I create a library in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2016

You can create a library of payments to make it easier for your users to pull payees into a payment(s). You can also restrict access to library’s to stop users from changing payee details once inserted into a payment.

To create a payee library

  1. Go into the administration section of FastNet Business
  2. Click on Libraries
  3. Click on the appropriate payment group you wish to set the library up for (e.g. Direct Credit)

Once in the payee library for the chosen payment type, an ‘All Payees’ group will already exist. You may find payees already in this library from past payments sent via FastNet Business.  (Notes: Payments previously sent will automatically save the payees in the all payees library group). 

You can choose to continue to adding all your payees to the one all payees group, or you can create a new library group to make it easier to group your payments. 


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