Can I see my business account in FastNet Classic internet banking?

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2020

I have both ASB personal and business accounts, am I able to see all my accounts at a glance?

Yes. We can link your business and personal accounts, so you can see all them all on FastNet Classic. 

Please bear in mind transacting on your business accounts through FastNet Classic is possible when only one person is required to authorise transactions (i.e. you don't need two or more people to sign cheques). You can still view these accounts however.

If I have only business accounts, can I access them all through FastNet Classic?

Yes. You can view all your accounts through FastNet Classic so long as you are a signatory on the account.

If you need more than one person to authorise transactions (e.g. two people sign cheques), this access will be view only.

There may also be situations where you need a separate FastNet Access Code and Password for each business account. Please call us on 0800 FASTNET (0800 327 863 or + 64 9 306 3185) so we can work together to set-up your business accounts on FastNet Classic in the best way possible.

You might also like to consider using FastNet Business which offers purpose-designed internet banking for organisations.

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