What are ASB's password security requirements?

Last Updated: 18 May 2017

To help guide your choices when selecting a new password for internet banking and Online Share Trading we’ve included a strength meter on the Change Password page in FastNet Classic internet banking.

You can choose a case sensitive password up to 100 characters long, with the usual special characters (such as $,*,@ and ! and %). You can also put spaces in if you wanted to use a phrase as your password.

Your password must:

  • contain at least 2 letters

  • contain at least 2 numbers or special characters, e.g. 2$, 79, or @#

  • be at least 8 characters

  • not repeat the same character more than 3 times consecutively

  • not be the word “Password” including versions with special characters, e.g. p@$$w0rd

  • not be your username

  • not be your previous 5 passwords

  • not contain non-ASCII characters

    To guide your choice, valid passwords will be rated as Basic, Better or Best. Try different combinations to increase the strength rating.

    Remember, never give your password to anyone.  ASB will never ask you by email for your secure banking information or ask you to log in to your account from an email.

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