Better Banking and Financial Wellbeing workshops

Our range of workshops will set you up with the tools to manage your money with confidence and build positive money habits.

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Financial Wellbeing workshops

In person workshops

These are friendly group-based sessions with practical tips and guidance on everyday money topics. You'll also receive a workshop booklet with simple steps and tools to help build your confidence when it comes to managing your money, now and in the future.

Virtual workshops

Join us online for a virtual workshop covering the same topics as the in-person workshops. We'll provide you with a digital copy of the booklet at the end of the session.

Workshops in your workplace

ASB's free Financial Wellbeing Workshops can also be run in workplaces, providing a way for businesses to support their team. Workshops can be tailored to suit the needs and financial capability of those attending.

What will I learn at the Financial Wellbeing workshops?

Everyday money tips

This is a great workshop to start with. We'll help you to understand your approach to money and guide you through some simple money ideas to help you manage your money with confidence. We cover how to make a budget, ways to organise your accounts, tips for staying on top of your spending and the free tools that can help you stay on track with your money goals.

Getting savvy with savings

Everyone's savings goals look a little different. Whether it’s having some money set aside for emergencies, or saving towards a bigger goal like a first home or retirement, this workshop will help you get clear on your goals and how to achieve them.

Borrow smart and pay off debt

Staying on top of debt can be a challenge. This workshop looks at different types of debt and why it can be hard to manage. You’ll get practical tips on how to get debt free faster and how to be smart with your borrowing.

Getting into your first home

This workshop steps you through the home buying process, from getting your deposit together to making the purchase and protecting your most valuable asset. Even if you’ve just started saving for your deposit, now is a great time to get tips and ideas that will help you get into your first home. 

Paying off your home loan

If you have a home loan and you’re looking for ideas on how to pay it off faster, this workshop can help. We’ll explore the different ideas that could help you get debt free sooner.

Better Banking Workshops

Our Better Banking Workshops will have you using our self-service banking options with confidence. You'll be able to bank safely, easily and at your convenience with ASB.

We will take you through our self-service banking options. These will include mobile and internet banking, ATM and phone banking. We are also there to answer any questions you may have and guide you through things that you are unsure of.

You will receive a workshop booklet to take home with you which will have useful step-by-step guides to help you with self-service banking. You are welcome to bring along your smartphone, tablet or laptop if you have one and we'll be happy to help you set it up.

What will I learn at the Better Banking workshop?

  • Internet banking
    Learn how to use FastNet Classic, ASB's internet banking platform

  • Mobile banking
    Use your Smartphone to bank on the go with the ASB Mobile Banking app. 

  • Cards, ATMs & phone banking
    Find out about using your bank cards and learn how to use our Smart ATMs and phone banking.

  • Fraud and Scams
    Keep yourself and your money safe online from frauds and scams.  

  • Password & PIN number security
    We'll show you how to set up passwords and a PIN number so you can bank securely.

We're Canstar's 2022 & 2023 Bank of the Year for Digital Banking.

Canstar has awarded ASB for delivering our customers the best in digital banking through our mobile app and internet banking.

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