Protecting the ownership of your business

Make sure your business remains in the right hands, should a business partner get a specified critical illness, be diagnosed with a terminal illness, or die.

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Great reasons to choose us

  • An ASB Insurance Manager can help tailor a solution that fits your unique circumstances
  • Protect your business and team from the unexpected consequences of illness, injury or death
  • Get solutions to protect personal guarantees on business loans, help with business succession planning and protect the business from loss of key people
  • We offer a range of solutions designed to suit the size and nature of your business – including rural
  • Choose to combine personal and business insurance to get the best level of protection for you
  • Feel secure knowing your policy is underwritten by Sovereign, New Zealand's largest life insurance provider

Is it right for my business?

This is something you should consider if protecting the ownership of your business is important to you. In conjunction with advice from your lawyer, this insurance can help ensure that if a business partner dies or is diagnosed with a terminal or specified serious illness, you could receive a lump-sum payment to help you purchase the deceased partner's or shareholding director's interest.

With a range of cover types available, an ASB Insurance Manager can help you choose from the covers available to fit your specific business needs.

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Remember to regularly review your cover and update it as required – especially if something has changed.

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The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. All applications are subject to individual consideration. Special conditions, exclusions or premium loadings may apply. An excess may apply for health insurance policies. For full details refer to the Policy Document which is available on request from any ASB branch. Life, health and disability insurance is underwritten by Sovereign Assurance Company Limited ("Sovereign"). None of ASB Bank Limited or its subsidiaries, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, or any other company in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group, or any of their directors, or any other person, guarantees Sovereign or its subsidiaries, or any of the products issued by Sovereign or its subsidiaries.

Business insurance Protecting the ownership of your business