Online payroll processing

Understand the benefits of moving your payroll processes online and how it can help keep your business compliant.

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Employer obligations

Kiwi employers face complex compliance standards, and it can be a lot to manage. With the introduction of payday filing and ongoing legislative change, employment admin can be a major challenge for businesses.

Move your payroll online

You might still be working out payroll and keeping records on paper, which is tricky, time consuming and can create compliance risks. A cloud-based software provider can make your payroll much easier to manage, help protect you from mistakes or oversights and keep your business compliant.

Introducing PaySauce

PaySauce is cloud-based payroll software for rural and small businesses. The PaySauce system will digitise your timesheets, calculate your holiday pay, KiwiSaver and PAYE, and even file returns with Inland Revenue on your behalf. You just review and approve the pay run from your smartphone or computer.
For ASB customers, PaySauce integrates seamlessly with your online banking to process live payroll.

Next Steps

Want more info on PaySauce? Visit the PaySauce website to learn more about small business payroll.

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Running a rural business? Learn more about PaySauce for agri-employers.

PaySauce for Rural

Ready to get going with PaySauce? If you're already an ASB business or rural customer, simply sign up online via the PaySauce website today.

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Important Information
PaySauce is an independent company. It is not part of the ASB or CBA group of companies and is not otherwise affiliated, associated or in partnership with ASB in any way. The payroll service is not provided, guaranteed or endorsed by ASB. It is a service provided by PaySauce pursuant to its terms and conditions. You will need to undertake your own independent verification of PaySauce and the service it offers to determine if its service is suitable for your needs. ASB will not have any liability to you with respect to any services provided by PaySauce. Please contact PaySauce for any further information.