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Discover what government financial support you might be eligible for, no matter who you bank with.

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ASB Support Finder is here to help you find financial support that might be available to you.

By answering some simple questions, we'll help connect you with government benefits and services you may be eligible for – including many you might not know about.

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Other ways to try Support Finder

If you're an ASB customer, you can also access Support Finder in the ASB Mobile Banking app.

  1. Log-in to your ASB Mobile app
  2. Click on More, bottom right, and select Financial Wellbeing 
  3. Scroll down to Support Finder to get started
  4. Answer some simple questions and get a list of financial benefits and services you could be eligible for
  5. Connect directly with the government provider based on your results and start your application.

No matter what you're dealing with, we're here to help

ASB Financial Assistance

Support during unexpected situations such as loss of income due to redundancy, injury, illness or relationship breakdown.

ASB Financial Assistance (0800 27 27 35)

ASB Credit Solutions

Help you when you are unable to meet your banking repayments.

Credit Solutions (0800 27 27 28)

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Questions you might have

  • What is Support Finder?

    Support Finder is a tool that anyone living in New Zealand can use. Its available on asb.co.nz and also the ASB Mobile Banking app. It helps Kiwis identify benefits and services that the government provides within minutes, and then connects you to a potential provider so you can apply or find out more.

  • Who can use Support Finder?

    Support Finder is aimed at people who need financial help although anyone can try it out - it only takes a few minutes, and you never know what you might be eligible for. You can access the tool through asb.co.nz/support-finder or the ASB Mobile Banking app, you also need:

    - To be over the age of 16

    - To be a New Zealand citizen or resident.

  • If I use Support Finder, will it affect my credit rating?

    No, your credit rating will not be affected. Support Finder is a tool to help identify any benefits or services that the government provides that may be available to you. If you use the tool on asb.co.nz you will be completely anonymous, if you are an ASB customer and use the tool on the ASB Mobile Banking app, ASB will staff will be able to see that you have used Support Finder, they will not be able to see any of your answers or results.

  • Will using Support Finder impact the current benefits someone is receiving?

    No, using Support Finder will not impact or change any benefit payments you are already receiving.

  • Will using Support Finder affect my banking relationship with ASB?

    No, using Support Finder will not affect your banking relationship or any current products and services you have with ASB.

  • Why does Support Finder not include all benefits?

    ASB’s teams are working hard to continue to add further benefits and services into Support Finder. ASB recommends checking back regularly to find out what other benefits and services could be available to you.

  • How can I find out about other benefits that aren't in Support Finder?

    For other services and support offered by the Ministry of Social Development, visit the Ministry of Social Development website for more information.

  • Will using Support Finder impact which benefits I already receive?

    We are committed to ensure your information is private and protected. Your answers won't affect any benefits you already receive.