Our APIs enable businesses to streamline operations by enabling innovative payment and account information sharing services for customers.

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Open Banking APIs

These APIs are designed to offer new, secure payment methods to customers, or enable the safe transfer of banking information. All ASB APIs have been developed to meet the Payments NZ API Centre standards.

Two Open Banking APIs will be available soon:

ASB Payment initiation API

Enable customers to make payments directly from their ASB bank accounts.

ASB Account information API

Securely request and receive ASB customer account information.

Start using the APIs

    1. Register

    Visit the Payments NZ API Centre to sign up and become a registered API Standards user.

    Visit API Centre

    2. Visit our Developer Portal

    Get more information on our APIs, onboarding, due diligence and request access to our sandbox.

    Visit Developer Portal

    3. Apply for our APIs

    Apply to access our production APIs. We’ll run some due diligence checks on your business processes.

    Apply for APIs

    4. Sign our agreement

    Once you pass our checks, you can sign our Open Banking access agreement.

    5. Integration

    We’ll work with you on integrating with our Open Banking APIs, including collaborative testing.

    6. Go live

    When you’re ready, you can launch the new service to customers.

Data security at ASB

We’ll complete due diligence as part of your application. The API Centre has an example of the due diligence questions we may ask. Full details of our due diligence and onboarding process will be available on our Developer Portal shortly.

Customer approval must be given before you’re able to access data. The consent and security model outlined in the Open Banking Standards are key to the ASB Open Banking APIs.

ASB Sandbox

The ASB Sandbox has a full suite of the latest Open Banking APIs with sample data for your testing requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about the ASB Open Banking APIs. For more general information, visit the API Centre.

  • What are Open Banking APIs?

    Open Banking APIs are a standardised set of Application Programming Interfaces that allow third party and Bank's systems to work together to enable secure, consented sharing of data or initiation of payments.

    These standards have been developed in New Zealand by the Payments NZ API Centre and ASB's Open Banking APIs adhere to these standards.

    For more details, please visit Payments NZ API Centre requirements.

  • How secure are the ASB Open Banking APIs? How is unauthorized access prevented?

    The API Centre security standards provide these details.

  • Do I need to register to get access to the Developer and Sandbox portal?

    You can see basic information on our Developer Portal without registering. To see further details (such as detailed API specifications) you'll need to register yourself by providing and verifying your email address.

  • How do I submit an application to use ASB’s Open Banking APIs?

    Follow the steps in the Start using the APIs section above.

  • How do I get a new password for the Sandbox?

    The Developer Portal has a forgotten password feature. Select the link and enter your email address. We will send a password reset link via email if your email address has been previously registered on the Developer Portal.

More information

Contact us for more information on ASB Open Banking APIs.

Learn more about Open Banking in New Zealand.