Our partnership with Pāmu

Coming together to support farmers future-proof their businesses with a new Sustainable Progress Initiatives programme.

Sustainability at ASB

ASB’s approach to sustainability is shaped by our purpose of accelerating progress for all New Zealanders. Our purpose guides our business decisions, connects our people and shares how we deliver great banking experiences to our customers.

Sustainability is a strategic priority for us because the choices we make today will be what helps shape a stronger, more resilient tomorrow.

Working with our customers

We are passionate about the future of New Zealand’s food and fibre sector and are committed to supporting its transition to a low emissions, climate-resilient economy.

We want to be part of the solution that addresses farmers’ needs for accessible and effective tools that will help them future-proof their businesses, by improving environmental and social outcomes while maintaining productivity and profitability.

Sustainable Progress Initiatives

ASB will provide Pāmu with $1 million over three years to support the Sustainable Progress Initiatives programme.

This will include a new apprenticeship scheme, a methane reduction through genetics programme, as well as agri-data tools for better decision-making via FarmIQ and FARMAX.

By supporting these initiatives, we believe we can help enhance sustainable outcomes with farmers and growers across New Zealand by sharing lessons learned to enable more enduring farm businesses.

Pāmu Apprenticeship Scheme

Starting in January 2025, the scheme is for up to nine apprentices over a two-year period. Apprentices will be supported by a dedicated Apprenticeship Scheme Manager as they gain real-life work experience and earn a training wage while studying. Find out more about the scheme below.

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Methane reduction through genetics

Pāmu is undertaking testing across Beef Cattle, Sheep and Deer to identify sires who are the most efficient converters of feed into growth as well as emit the lowest volume of methane. The testing will allow another selection criteria for Pāmu studs, that will in time provide sires internally to commercial farms and in the future to industry, that will have the genetic ability to reduce methane emissions. Focus Genetics will run the programme which will identify low methane genetic markers and feed efficiency Breeding Values (BVs) in sheep, cattle and deer utilising a new North Island facility, and an existing South Island one.


FarmIQ is a cloud-based farm management software solution designed to streamline various aspects of farming operations. It offers an interactive farm map, simplifies compliance and assurance processes, tracks animal performance, optimises pasture and feed management, and provides health and safety tools.

FARMAX is a modelling and decision support tool and national leader in GHG system redesign and reporting, developed for pastoral farmers in New Zealand. It enables users to construct a model of their unique farm system and, with this model, they can record actual farm performance data, forecast future expectations, and explore unlimited scenarios to evaluate potential changes to their farm system. 

Find out more about FarmIQ and FARMAX and the discounted product offering below.


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