Personal loan interest rates and fees

Rates, fees and charges may change

Interest rates

Loan type
Fixed interest rates
Unsecured loan
Secured loan
Debt consolidation loan

Interest rates shown as at . Once a loan is documented the interest rate is fixed for the term of that loan.

Unsecured and debt consolidation loans have a minimum amount of $2,000. Secured loans have a mimimum amount of $20,000 and are subject to a personal property security registration (PPSR) fee.


Loan processing fee

This fee may be applied to a personal loan.

Personal property security registration fee

This additional fee applies to secured loans.

Personal loan default

Monthly unarranged overdraft fee

0.12% of the highest daily overdrawn balance (minimum charge $10).

Unarranged overdraft interest rate

Any default interest will be charged to your account monthly. This interest rate is variable and may change.


Interest rates and fees current as at .

Interest rates and fees are subject to change. ASB's lending criteria applies.

Obtain a copy of the Personal Loan General Terms and Conditions or copy of the Personal Loan Facility Agreement for Secured Personal Loans.

Personal Loans Personal loan interest rates and fees