KiwiSaver for over 65s

A smart way to save, low fees and access when you need it. Has KiwiSaver become an ideal investment option for over 65s?


A new choice for managing your nest egg

Great news if you're 65 or over. From 1 July 2019 a change in rules means you're able to join KiwiSaver.

This means you can invest your savings in the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme, and have access when you need it. If you're still working, you can even take a break from saving if you need to. This is called a savings suspension. You can apply for a savings suspension once you have made a contribution and have been a member for 12 months or more.

Why join the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme?

  • Competitive returns with a managed investment. Your savings are managed by a team of experts. Each one of our funds has consistently matched or beaten the returns achieved by other KiwiSaver funds in the market.
  • Low fees. The ASB KiwiSaver Scheme has competitive fees compared to other managed funds, leaving you more of your money invested to maximise returns.
  • Cashflow when you need it. Working less gives you more leisure time, but is likely to provide you with less cash. When you’re 65 or over and joined after 1 July 2019, you can access the funds in your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account at will. You can set up regular withdrawals of at least $100 fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. You just need to keep at least $2,000 in your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account.
  • Boost your savings. If you're employed and over 65 your employer can still make contributions to your KiwiSaver account, but they’re not required to by law.
  • Know where you're at. You can check your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account balance anywhere anytime through FastNet Classic internet banking and the ASB Mobile app.


Your returns with the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme

There are lots of investment options for your nest egg. We understand how important it is to maximise your savings so it can be a balance between risk and return.

Secure investments like term deposits and savings accounts generally have lower returns, whereas investments in managed investment schemes such as the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme, may potentially produce higher returns depending on the fund and how long you invest.

See the latest ASB KiwiSaver Scheme returns to investors.

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Find the right fund for you

Find your perfect match. We can help find the fund that’s right for you depending on your savings goals and how long you’ll be investing. 

Some funds grow slowly but steadily, and rarely take a step back. Others have stronger long-term growth potential but can drop back now and then. 

If you're joining after you turn 65, you need to consider how long you're going to be investing for. 

It's easy to find which ASB KiwiSaver Scheme fund is best for you. Just use our simple help me choose tool.

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Interests in the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme (Scheme) are issued by ASB Group Investments Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of ASB Bank Limited (ASB). ASB provides Scheme administration and distribution services. No person guarantees interests in the Scheme. Interests in the Scheme are not deposits or other liabilities of ASB. They are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of income and principal invested. For more information see the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme Product Disclosure Statement available from this website and the register of offers of financial products at www.disclose-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz (search for ASB KiwiSaver Scheme).

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