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Episode Six: How bad news can impact the market

Jonathan Beale and Chris Tennent-Brown chat about the ongoing trade war between the United States and China and its potential impact on the New Zealand market. They also share how ASB engaged Facebook after the recent tragedy in Christchurch.

Episode Four Market Update 29 March 2019:

ASB's Jonathan Beale, Chris Tennent-Brown and Mairead Needham provide an up-to-date overview of the markets. They discuss what happened in the first quarter of 2019, the effects of low interest rates and the impact of the recent events in Christchurch.

Episode One pt One Australasian shares:

Devon Funds is one of the investment companies ASB partners with to make investment decisions. ASB's Chris Wilson talks to Nick Dravitzki from Devon Funds about their specialty area, Australasian shares.

Episode One pt Two Australasian shares:

ASB works with Harbour Asset Management to manage funds invested in Portfolio Series funds. In this podcast, ASB's Chris Wilson talks to Craig Stent from Harbour Asset Management about Australasian Shares.

Episode Two Market Update 2 Feb 2019:

ASB's Jonathan Beale and Chris Tennent-Brown discuss some of the recent events that have impacted the markets and when the right time might be to either react or sit tight.

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