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Here are a few of our latest podcasts. To hear more from the ASB Investment Podcast, listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Episode 28: December 2020 - Market Update

Interest rates keep falling - what's the deal? Jonathan Beale and Chris Tennent-Brown talk about the Reserve Bank's efforts to hold the cash rate steady, uncertainty in the US, and what we've seen from the markets in light of the latest COVID vaccine developments.

Episode 26: Elections and the economy

With the New Zealand and US elections fast approaching, Chris Tennent-Brown and Jonathan Beale chat about what we could expect from the market over the next two months. They also cover the record highs from the share market in August, negative rates and Treasury's pre-election update.

Episode 25: 27 August 2020 - Market Update

The unemployment rate has fallen to 4 percent, Chris Tennent-Brown and Jonathan Beale chat about whether they see it rising—or is the worst behind us? They also talk about travel bubbles, the latest Auckland lockdown, and what could happen if we see a negative official cash rate.

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