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Episode 25: 27 August 2020 - Market Update

The unemployment rate has fallen to 4 percent, Chris Tennent-Brown and Jonathan Beale chat about whether they see it rising—or is the worst behind us? They also talk about travel bubbles, the latest Auckland lockdown, and what could happen if we see a negative official cash rate.

Episode 24: Lockdown, Round Two

Auckland's back in lockdown and the rest of the country is at Alert Level 2 - but what does this mean for the New Zealand market? Jonathan Beale and Chris Tennent-Brown look at the impact it could have, as well as the Government’s response.

Episode 23: 09 June 2020 – Market Update

Mortgage and Term Deposit rates have hit an all-time low. In this episode Jonathan Beale and Chris Tennent-Brown chat about what it all means, as well as the encouraging economic data we’re seeing.

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