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Here are a few of our latest podcasts. To hear more from the ASB Investment Podcast, listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Episode 57: Our new investment options and what's on the horizon for Australasian Equities

In the first part of this episode, Host Nigel Grant (Head of Wealth Product, ASB) is joined by John Smith (Head of Asset Management, ASB) and Trent Marris (Senior Manager of Wealth Product, ASB) to discuss our new investment options; Aggressive Funds. Then Tama Willis (Portfolio Manager at Devon Funds Management) joins Nigel and John to discuss Australasian equities.

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Episode 56: BlackRock – Ben Powell on 2023’s investment themes

In this episode, BlackRock’s Asia Pacific Chief Investment Strategist, Ben Powell, joins ASB’s Head of Wealth Product, Nigel Grant, and Head of Asset Management, John Smith, to update us on the global markets by discussing inflation, interest rates, volatility and more.

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Episode 55: BlackRock - A look into investment stewardship

In this episode, Nigel Grant, ASB Head of Wealth Product, is joined by Iris Davila, BlackRock's Head of Investment Stewardship for Australia and New Zealand, to understand how BlackRock undertakes investment stewardship for the asset classes they manage on our behalf; global equities and emerging markets.

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