What is Home Central?

Last Updated: 03 Dec 2020

Home Central is a place for you to manage your home loan with FastNet Classic internet banking and the ASB Mobile banking app. It gives you more control over your home loan, whether it’s to become debt-free faster or helping you to stay on track, we want customers to feel empowered to manage their home loan/s by being able to:

  • Change your repayment amount.
  • Change your next payment date. 
  • Change your payment frequency and; 
  • Fix your home loan.

You can get to Home Central by logging into ASB FastNet Classic or the ASB Mobile banking app. 

Accessing via FastNet Classic:

  1. Select Home loans from the Main Menu in FastNet Classic.
  2. Go to your FastNet Classic Balances page and select a term loan.
  3. Link on loan details page for Orbit/Orbit Fast Track loans.

Accessing via the ASB Mobile app:

  1. Select a home loan from the balances screen
  2. Select ‘more options’
  3. Select ‘View all home loans’ to launch Home Central

  • Select 'Dashboard' from the bottom menu bar
  • Select the home loan tile

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