What is Home Central?

Last Updated: 12 Jul 2017

Home Central is a place for you to manage your home loan with FastNet Classic internet banking. It gives you more control over your home loan, whether it’s to become debt-free faster or helping you to stay on track, we want customers to feel empowered to manage their home loan/s by being able to:

  • Change your repayment amount.
  • Change your next payment date. 
  • Change your payment frequency and; 
  • Fix your home loan.

You can get to Home Central by logging into ASB FastNet Classic. You have a few options to navigate to Home Central:

  1. Select Home Central from the Main Menu in FastNet Classic.
  2. Go to your FastNet Classic Balances page and select a term loan.
  3. Link on loan details page for Orbit/Orbit Fast Track  loans.
Log in to FastNet Classic and visit Home Central.

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