How do I move my money to New Zealand?

Last Updated: 24 Aug 2018

Sending your funds via electronic transfer (an International Inward Payment) is usually the quickest and most convenient way. To do this, you will need to provide the bank you're sending your money from with your ASB account details, including:

1. Your full account name (called your beneficiary name)


3. Your full account number

For a standard ASB transaction or savings account in New Zealand dollars (NZD) it will look like this: 12-3nnn-0nnnnnn-nn. For an ASB Foreign Currency Account (FCA) it will look like this: nnnnnnnn-[CCY]-nn. If the bank you're sending money asks for your IBAN (International Bank Account Number), simply provide your full ASB account number above (either you NZD account or FCA).

If the bank asks for a BSB or Sort Code, then for your NZD account give the first six digits of your full bank account number – these represent the bank and branch codes, i.e. 12-3nnn. For your FCA, providing the ASB SWIFT code and your Foreign Currency Account number should be sufficient.

4. Our name and address, as the bank receiving your money (the beneficiary bank):

ASB Bank Limited

12 Jellicoe Street

Auckland Central

Auckland 1010

New Zealand

You need to be careful that you provide the correct information. We’re not able to check if the account details match the account name when we process a money transfer, so it’s important you double check everything is right first. 

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