How and where can I make payments using Apple Pay?

Last Updated: 06 Mar 2019

Hold your iPhone over the terminal and you’ll be prompted to authenticate using either Face ID, Touch ID or the device passcode, to authorise the payment. There is no requirement to unlock the phone to Pay.

If you’re paying within apps or on the web with Safari look for the 'Apple Pay' icon during checkout. Simply tap the icon to review your payment information and confirm your contact details are correct; then use either Face ID, Touch ID or passcode or double click the side button on your Apple Watch to complete your purchase. The word 'Done' and a tick will appear on your screen when your payment is successful.

Using Bluetooth, you can select your iPhone or Apple Watch to authorise a web payment (Safari only) on your Mac. You will need to ensure all your devices have handoff enabled to ensure your Mac is able to discover them to complete a purchase.

Using Apple Pay to make purchases in store does not require an internet connection. Your device uses Near Field Communications (NFC) to communicate with the terminal.

Apple Pay works like all contactless Visa Debit and Visa credit cards, however all Apple Pay transactions are authenticated using either Face ID, Touch ID or the device passcode, there's no need to enter a PIN. Payments over $80 may require you to enter your account PIN at the contactless terminal (depending on the terminal).

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